About Raven Air Tanzania

Raven Air Aviation Tanzania Ltd is an Air Charter Company founded by Capt.Bosco G.Temu as the Owner. An Entrepreneur, Pilot and Businessman with Creativity and set of Skills. The Company is registered from BRELA-TRA-TCAA(Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority) to Operate Inside & Outside Tanzania and Provides Air Transport from Land to the Sea and also unique set of Air service coded S.A.S(Special Air Services). SAS are Air services such as Search & Rescue, Banner Tow, Sky Dive on Mt.Kilimanjaro, Medical Evacuations(Air Ambulance) by Helicopters, Crop Dusting etc.

Raven Air Tanzania is the only Company that offers more and unique Air Services than any other Charter Company or Airline in East Africa. A Company that cares most about its clients, Trusted by both clients & Government of Tanzania to operate on Mt.Kilimanjaro(the most highest Mountain in Africa at 19,341ft). It is the Dream company, we would love and be honored for you to be part of this amazing Air Charter Company and play part as our Client or Crew.


Best air tour service in Tanzania

Private Charter

We offer private charter flights to all national parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara etc. City to city or around the city with Helicopter. We do Private Charter in both Airplane & Helicopter.

Sky Dive

We also do Tandem Sky dive on Mt.Kilimanjaro,Near Mt.Kilimanjaro and along the beach in Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam.

Aerial Advertising(Banner Tow)

Advertising by taking your business to the Air by Towing your banner with our Aircraft, Ceremony Banners example Wedding/ Anniversary/ birthday wishes. More for promoting your business to another whole new level that will increase your sales rapidly and be known in whole Tanzania.

Special Air Services (S.A.S)

Such services include Night flights, Scenic Flights,Crop Dusting, Helicopter flights example VIP Pick-up & Drop anywhere in the city/ Hotel/ Lodge etc. Crop dusting(Air Spray), Aerial Photography Land-Sea flights, Any custom flight required by our clients we can make it happen to fit your requirements and satisfaction.

Medical evacuation (Air Ambulance)

We fly Patients from/to the hospital with our Helicopter or Airplane. Our aircrafts are ready 24/7 for Medical evacuations and we also fly patients to other countries like Kenya, Uganda, South Africa. We have qualified Emergency Medical Respondents in the aircrafts for Medivac and our pilots are also trained to make sure our patients are comfortable in flight.

Air Cargo Services

We fly your cargo and are delivered on time. Our means of Cargo transport is more reliable, Safe, Time saving and our ground crew are trained with years of experience in International Airlines in Cargo handling.

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Our rental fleet at a glance

From $200 USD
Model 172 / 182
Seats 1 Pilot + 3 Passengers
Luggage 1 Suitcases / 2 Bags
Engine Single
Wing Fixed
Description It’s an airplane that is designed for 1 Pilot and 3passengers. We use it for Scenic flight or short flight. It has a takeoff weight of 3100Lbs with total fuel capacity of 56Gallons that gives it 230HP engine.
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From $350 USD
Model 206
Seats 1 Pilot + 5 Passengers
Luggage 2 Suitcases / 2 Bags
Engine Single
Wing Fixed
Description It’s the ideal plane for bush flying with just 1 pilot and 5 passengers with a cargo pod on its belly to carry medium sized luggage. The airplane total takeoff weight is 3600Lbs, with total fuel capacity of 92Gallons that enable it to fly up to 730nm and land onto rough & short airstrips.
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From $500 USD
Model 208B Grand Caravan
Seats 1 Pilot + 12 Passengers
Luggage 6 Suitcases / 6 Bags
Engine Single Turboprop
Wing Fixed
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From $1000
Model 206
Doors 2
Seats 1 Pilot + 4 Passengers
Luggage 2 Suitcases / 2 Bags
Blades Twin
Engine Twin
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From $500 USD
Model 44
Seats 1 Pilot + 3 Passengers
Luggage 1 Suitcases / 2 Bags
Engine Single
Blades Twin
Description It is the low cost fuel efficient to carry our missions like Scenic flights or Private charter Pick-up & Drops from one place to another. It is a 1 Pilot 3 Passengers type of helicopter that helps around the city to avoid traffic jam, also executive helicopter flight from hotels/Lodges/Homes & Airports to catch-up a International and local flights or just for fun. Also best helicopter for wedding pickups & drops.
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Our Mission


To lead in Aviation Industry by providing most Air& Ground Service in East Africa with new and reliable services that clients can trust. Promoting Tourism in a Unique & Special way, also by making sure every penny is worth your time and services we provide.

Our Vision


Through Creativity, Passion, Motivation and Dedication drives us from being a regular Air Charter Company to new Era of Air Charter Services that a client can feel Comfortable, Safe & Trust to contact.

Your Safety

is most important to us

Our Passengers, Crew and Fleet are covered with third part liability Insurance. Our Crew are well trained with years of experience at their field of work, also in our aircrafts we perform routine Maintenance both Scheduled or Non Scheduled on day to day operations before & after the flight to keep our fleet at 100% airworthy.

Raven Air Locations


Our Destinations


We can fly you anywhere in Tanzania and adjacent states. Most desired destinations are National Parks, Hotels/Lodges, Islands around Zanzibar mafia and Pemba, City to city, Hospitals, Mining Sites, Mountains like Mt.Kilimanjaro and any other custom flight requested by our clients. We are the new Era in providing best and unique Air Services in Tanzania, The only company trusted by government of Tanzania to provide Sky Dive & Aerial Advertising (Banner Towing).

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Address: 13500, Arusha, Tanzania

Customer Center

Customer Service
Phone: (255) 764 071 745
Email: info@ravenairtanzania.com